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Short Breaks & Respite

Time Away

Having some time away is beneficial to everyone; which is why we offer full-time respite opportunities for adults with a physical disability, learning disability or autism, aimed at carving out a rich quality of life and varied experiences.

Our Promise

We vow to always provide innovative, personalised and high-quality care. Your choice, your support and your way.

Be part of a community

Not everybody has family and friends close-by, but with Shared Lives we ensure that everyone feels part of a community. We match our service user to a Shared Lives Companion with similar interests, allowing them to comfortably spend time with them on a daily basis or even offering full-time care in their home.

Our Offer

We offer a great opportunity for individuals to transition into adult services, which can be a daunting prospect for many, and we will go at a pace to accommodate everyone. 

Taster Sessions

We are also a great steppingstone and taster sessions for those who might be planning to move into supported accommodation but have never spent a night away from their family. 

Our Companions

The Companions are carefully recruited from the local community and go through a rigorous approval and training process. Checks include GP references and Disclosure and Barring Service check.

The Catalyst Choices Shared Lives scheme can offer:

  • Day Support:  a flexible arrangement either in the daytime or evening
  • Respite Short Breaks: overnight stays that can be from one night to as many as needed
  • Long Term Care: where the person moves in and lives as a member of the family

All Shared Lives Companions are fully supported and monitored by the Shared Lives staff team. 

Working with

Homely Atmosphere

We offer a homely atmosphere that accommodates up to eight guests, who can enjoy a range of specialised personal support and activities in a private or social setting.

We take referrals from either care managers or customers themselves.  


Everybody needs some time off sometimes. Short breaks are that dedicated time and space to rest, socialise and pursue new interests.

We work with clients and their families to identify activities that they’ll enjoy and find restful, whether it’s pamper weekends, short holidays or activity days. For many individuals, it’s a unique opportunity to take a break and try some new hobbies, all while forging new friendships. 

Get the respite that you choose, with as much support as you need, doing activities you love. 

Simon's Voice

Simon is a young man with a big heart, and he loves a Full English, or, as he calls it ‘Blackpool Breakfast’. Simon also has autism, sensory impairments and suffers from epilepsy. Due to his age, Simon is in a period of transition from Children’s to Adults’ Services – a move that involves a significant amount of support and supervision from the people who work with him. 

When Simon was first introduced to the Catalyst Short Breaks team, his previous experiences of respite care were not positive, and naturally his family were apprehensive about the same challenges cropping up again.  

For this reason, Simon’s family were closely involved in the discussions about his care, from discovering his likes and dislikes, to hearing about his ambitions or understanding his care needs.  

One of the first activities the team arranged was for Simon and dad Mark to go and enjoy their favourite ‘Blackpool Breakfast’ together. The trip was a success and Simon has since been building up his confidence on breaks that have ranged from tea time visits and evenings to full days and soon, his first independent overnight stay. With careful planning from the Catalyst team, it was made sure that other young people with similar interests to Simon were staying at the same time, so he could socialise and make friends. This journey has been more than a ‘Short Break’ for Simon; it has been a transformative journey to greater autonomy and self-confidence. 

**Simon’s story is evidence of the openness and growth mindset that Catalyst Choices’ staff exhibit when curating personalised care packages for clients with a range of needs. They were adaptable when it mattered, ensuring a smooth transition from Children’s to Adults’ Services, and open to Simon’s ideas about how he would like to spend his time on a Short Break. The result is evidence in Simon’s new-found confidence and stability.  

**Additional text for use in bids/funder facing work.

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